What are the system requirements to play the game?

  • HTML5 compatible Browser with Javascript enabled, preferably up to date to its latest version.
  • Mouse or Touchscreen device.
  • Internet connection.
  • (Opcional) Audio device.

Which HTML5 browsers are compatible?

  • Mobile Browsers (Android, iOS, Blackberry) untested, might work without audio or with others minors issues.

How control the bin arm?

You click in one game screen point and the bin move the arm to this point, taking a residue if exists at this point. After this, the arm return to the bin. Remembering that while the trash is moving his arm, there's no way to click another point! And there is no need to click and hold for the arm move.

How to gain Bonus Stars?

You must collect the wastes before they reach the water, collecting them in the air. For that, you must predict the trajectory of the wastes in the air!

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